Mojave (nMjv/MjvMjv) (Uncommon)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Thick, serpentining stripes that one might see on some morphs of ball pythons. Cutouts and/or sudden keyhole-shaped curves with spots inside are allowed and recommended!

  • Mojave is based off the markings found on Mojave and Arroyo ball pythons, mainly, but as long as it's fairly recognizable as the same basic shape, it's fine!
  • Mojave must be darker than the base coat. It can have a gradient, and the gradient can be made up of two fairly different colors, as long as those colors are still darker than the base coat.
  • It is typically hard- or textured-edged. It should not be blended out, but can be somewhat soft-edged.
  • It has no maximum and can cover the full body if desired. It has no minimum, but should be noticeable on the design.


Rachekare 0433 by magmatixi Pixie 0431 by magmatixi


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