Lunar (nLu/LuLu) (Rare)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
Can either present as brightly-colored points with galaxy/nebula/space patterns, OR modify a single marking to contain galactic patterns. Dominant Lunar can modify multiple markings or modify marking(s) and create galactic points.


Rixixi Points by magmatixiRixixi Primal Points by magmatixiRixixi Domestic Points by magmatixi
"Galactic Points" Lunar has the same range as Points; if modifying a marking, it shares the range of the marking.

  • Lunar follows the range and shape rules of the markings it modifies: Lunar Unders still covers the range of unders and shouldn't have unnatural cut-outs to it, Lunar Procyonid still has a striped tail.
  • Lunar overrides the color and, optionally, the texture of the modified marking. It should be fairly colorful, and can be bright and saturated. Lunar can consist of multiple colors. Shapes and patterns of nebular, celestial bodies, and stars can and should be found within the modified marking. Lunar can modify edge textures: The nebula and galactic shapes can texture the edge of the marking, this can be combined with a blur of color blending outwards underneath the textured segment, this can be seen in Lunar 0007.
  • Recessive Lunar (nLu) can create Galactic Points OR modify one marking. Dominant Lunar (LuLu) can create Galactic Points AND/OR modify any number of markings.


Lunar 0007 by magmatixiAulik 0011 by magmatixiYah Racha 0010 by magmatixiAndromeda 0033 by magmatixiIsikhala 0039 by magmatixi


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