Labyrinth (nLby/LbyLby) (Uncommon)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

A dark, hard-edged marking featuring geometric stripes, looking fairly like a 'maze'.

  • Labyrinth must be darker than the base coat. It is typically hard-edged.
  • Labyrinth features 'geometric' stripes forming a maze-like structure - bold lines, squares and hoops interlocking together. The gene is based on the markings of the Barred Sorubim and other similar Pseudoplatystoma catfish, as such, referring to them as examples may be more helpful than text descriptions.
  • It has no maximum and can cover the full body if desired. It has no minimum, but should be noticeable on the design.


Xerrin 0138 by magmatixi


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