Groundbreaking (nGbk/GbkGbk) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Creates crackles across the body of the Rixixi, in any color, including bright ones. Can be two-toned.

  • Groundbreaking can be any color, and may display up to two colors within the marking, which may be blended together.
  • It should appear as a streak of color that branches off, as if making a "crack" or "lightning bolt" shape.
  • It should be hard or textured-edged.
  • Groundbreaking has no minimum, and can appear on multiple places on the Rixixi's body. It should not cover more than roughly 50% of the Rixixi.


Kesselva 0081 by magmatixi Neptune 0130 by magmatixi Kaye 0419 by magmatixiChandelier 0226 by magmatixi Raja 0235 by magmatixi Party Galaxy 69 0169 by magmatixi
Oasis 0104 by magmatixi


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