Cloak (nClk/ClkClk) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
A hard-edged marking, lighter or darker than the base coat, on the back.


Rixixi Cloak by magmatixiRixixi Primal Cloak by magmatixiRixixi Domestic Cloak by magmatixi

  • Cloak may be a lighter or darker shade of the base coat, including black and white. It may have a gradient, but it must be within a similar hue, not heavily two-toned.
  • Edge must be hard or textured, and may have unnatural shapes.
  • Cloak does not have a minimum, but must appear noticeably on the design.
  • There can be breaks and cutouts in the marking.


Old Dog 0124 by magmatixi Aropiru 0285 by magmatixi Huixtocihuatl 0282 by magmatixi
Yukio 0229 by magmatixi Azazel 0186 by magmatixi Mumble 0399 by magmatixi

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