Cloak (nClk/ClkClk) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
A hard-edged marking, lighter or darker than the base coat, on the back.


Rixixi Cloak by magmatixiRixixi Primal Cloak by magmatixiRixixi Domestic Cloak by magmatixi

  • Cloak may be a lighter or darker shade of the base coat, including black and white. It may have a gradient, but it must be within a similar hue, not heavily two-toned.
  • Edge must be hard or textured, and may have unnatural shapes.
  • Cloak does not have a minimum, but must appear noticeably on the design.
  • There can be breaks and cutouts in the marking.


Old Dog 0124 by magmatixi  Huixtocihuatl 0282 by magmatixi
Yukio 0229 by magmatixi Draugr 0186 Mumble 0399 by magmatixi

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