Bioluminescent (nLum/LumLum) (Rare)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Can present as random speckles of glowing lights, OR modify a single marking to a vibrant, glowing color. Dominant Bioluminescence can modify multiple markings or modify marking(s) and create glowing speckles. Can also cause the skin of the Ixi to glow.


Rixixi Inkblot by magmatixi
"Speckled Bioluminescence" spots have the same range of size as Inkblot, but most commonly remain small, more like Fawn or even Snowflake. It may cluster together to create larger areas of glow as well.

  • Bioluminescence follows the range and edge texturing rules of the marking it modifies. The only thing that changes is the color and that it can glow.
  • Bioluminescence overrides the color of the modified marking. It should always be bright, saturated, or pale colors; dark bioluminescence is fairly unheard of, but it can be desaturated (or even white) if it is pale.
  • It should also have a soft-edged glow around the marking, this should not stray too far outside the linework of the Ixi. Skin, fins, and the like may also glow.
  • Recessive Bioluminescence (nLum) can create Speckled Bioluminescence OR modify one marking. Dominant Bioluminescence (LumLum) can create Speckled Bioluminescent AND/OR modify any number of markings.


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