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Faery Circle

Category: RXX: Usable

Chasm Fae lore by iiixkitsunexiii and pawstepsinthesnow


Looks welcoming...


Created via crafting/in the B-NOMALY Labs' Shop.


  • Can be used on an uploaded Rixixi or an Uploaded B-NOMALY to add a Chasm Fae alternate form. Reference for Chasm Fae form must be provided when item is applied, and changes may need to be made to the design - please refer to the Chasm Fae Guide for species lore and design info.
  • The Faery Circle acts as a redesign item, even if the Rixixi/B-NOMALY form is not redesigned (Submit this as if you would a redesign, and include the Chasm Fae reference)
  • To make redesigns easier, the Faery Circle can act as the following items:
    • For Rixixi: Pigment Restyling Laser, 1x Mutation Station, and 1x Accessory OR 1x Contact Lens
    • For B-NOMALY: Cut and Color