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• adult (22+)
• it/its masculine
• DID system
toyhou.se (chasm tag) •
tumblr (art reblogs) •


Hello! My name is Choir and I'm so normal. I'm so normal. Trust me with your electronics. I make spreadsheets for fun (I've made a number of them for personal Ixi use) and would love to make a list if you ask for it. I like to code in general! I also like to research specbio and love to brainstorm how alien beings may function adjacent to existing evolutionary processes.

My ixi are close to me- I only tend to upload ones I care about, with at least some semblance of story to me or inspired from a sona or favorite character. They're all open for gift art, but please ask before writing. The answer is most likely no to literature unless I've known you for over a year. If you need palette info, please ask!

If anything, Yvan and Ai are my main sonas, and I appreciate art of them the most.

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21 Winter Sweet
84 Spring Shortcake
33 Summer Pop
27 Fall Cupcake
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Corecracker Lodestone
Mymber Heart
Science Kit

Characters / Rixixi & Mechanix / B-NOMALY / Aexent / Chasm Horsemen / Mymber House


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