Cat and Mjilikae

Cat and Mjilikae

Lunar shows up once per season to cause some chaos.


Lunar says:

Hey, if you give me something nice, I'll work my magic. My magic involves bothering Myrk and getting stuff for you under the table. I am shorter than the table.

Trade! Input the requested item in Add-Ons, it will be removed from your inventory and replaced with your choice of the items available for trade.
You're pretty sure Lunar wants a Cherry Blossom?
This trade changes based on the season - Winter: Snowball / Spring: Cherry Blossom / Summer: Conch Shell / Fall: Fallen Leaf

Giving Lunar the seasonal item listed above allows you to take any one single item from Myrkaiir's Event Shop. This includes things like starter slots. List what item you want from the shop in your comment!

This trade can be done once every two days, Myrk won't fall for it more than that. As a result, one seasonal item can be used at a time.


No rewards.