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Recurring Dream

Genotype: aa/Bb/Dd/oo/nSb/nPng/nAc/nDpl/nRs/nGlt+X-Style/Vwing
Phenotype: Lilac with Accents, Sable, Pangare, Dapple, Rosettes, Glitter
Mutations: Stylist Ears, Vestigial Wings
Element: Undiscovered
Radiation Level: Stable
Power: Newfound
Stats: HP: 50 || Attack: 110 || Defense: 170 || Special: 230 || Speed: 110
Conditions: None
Special Background: Endless Field
Wax Paper Background Canvas: Shadow and Light Shafts
Anareizh's Patron - Chamomile : [Custom Skin]

When equipped to a Rixixi, Anareizh's Patron can cure one Temporary Condition once a week! Use this ability in the Player Inventories journal under "Use An Item" to activate, and link the Ixi with this companion! Anareizh's Patrons are not limited to curing their companion Ixi, and can heal other users' Ixi with that player's permission!
This counts as curing a temporary condition with items for Medic specialty.

Summertime Fogbee - Ginger Peach : [Custom Skin]

If Chasmjumping with a Rixixi with this companion equipped, the Rixixi will receive one jar of Honey on any one-day-cooldown results such as Nothing or YOU ARE NOT READY Event Horizons.

Also acts as a version of the Blue Raspberry Lemonade boon that can be activated on an Exploring, Hunting, or Mining roll the attached Rixixi is in: Your Fogbee will roll an extra item! (Item will be rolled from the pool of already-available items that your roll was drawn for - that is, the canon world for Explorations and the prey type for Hunting) Blue Raspberry Lemonade cannot be used on this Rixixi as it would have the same effect.

Winterbringer Deer - Butterfly Pea : [Custom Skin]

The Rixixi with this companion cannot bring back less than 2 items in any loot-dropping activity if the piece has ice or snow portrayed.

Also automatically adds the Deepearth Brew boon to any roll: Doubles the quantity of all returned items in the activity, but will not double the return of items that were found due to the use of items that guarantee the return of a certain item, such as Glass Bottle and its ability to return 1x Water, 1x Science Kit, or 1x Deepearth Brew. Deepearth Brew cannot be used on this Rixixi as it would have the same effect.

8 July 2022, 01:08:30 UTC

Can be gifted
Can be traded
Can be sold
Parent 1
Parent 2
RXX-463: Shep

Uploaded to dA May 4 2022

Aexented - Considered the same  character as KT-3105.


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**BREEDING** **Slot granted to**: [@ the recipient here!] **Distribution**: Full/Split **Inbreeding rules**: Allowed/Disallowed **Resale rules**: This slot can be: Sold/Traded/Gifted

2023-08-16 00:17:14 (Edited 2023-08-16 00:17:20)

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**Fundraiser Ketixi breeding used! Does not count against total slots**:

2024-02-27 04:56:06

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Veluchasm breeding - does not count against total slots used

2023-09-01 02:43:30

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Comment deleted

2023-08-16 00:16:58 (Deleted 2023-08-16 00:17:01)

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2022-07-08 01:08:40 (Edited 2022-07-08 01:08:42)

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Anarchie Staff Member | **Recurring Dream RXX-574 has completed Accented! They have gained 200 EXP and the Aexented skill! The above form may be used in activities and count for rewards and EXP!**

2023-11-13 22:25:02 (Edited 2023-11-13 23:09:58)

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Anarchie Staff Member | **Recurring Dream RXX-574 has completed Story Mode: Main Quest Chapter 1! They have gained 200 EXP, and have unlocked access to Breeding, and may level up to Rising once they have the needed EXP! **

2023-08-16 00:16:39

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