The Lost

Event Prompt from December 2020 (not time-limited)


Deep in the basement of the B-NOMALY labs, past crumbling hallways and failing machinery, a roiling crack splits the tiled floor. Dubbed the Vat, the chaotic pit would be difficult to find for most strangers stumbling across the old laboratory, as nothing leading to it is particularly of interest. Most of the inhabitants of the labs know it well, however, and it's an even split on whether a B-NOMALY might seek it out or avoid it - it's rumored to grant power and mutations, and Fogholders drift towards it without thinking about it. As the Vat is a direct link to the Chasm, the rumors aren't exactly unfounded.

Lately, more and more of the B-NOMALIES that seek out the Vat aren't coming back, and the few that do are reporting a strange phenomenon - every so often, the Vat is replaced by a glowing blue mist. Eventually, it dissipates as unexpectedly as it came, and anyone caught up in it is lost.

Full event storyline can be found here!

Depict your B-NOMALY/a NPC reacting to the event storyline or exploring the Leyline!


Reward Amount
Nskanetian Token - Silver 1