Reapers and Sowers

Reapers and Sowers, Flowers and Harvests - Have your B-NOM interact with their family.


Some humans celebrate their parents, so why not B-NOMS, too? Find a parent in your life and share something nice with them. Maybe it's your mom or reaper, your dad or sower, maybe it's just any parental figure. Whoever makes you happy and lets you feel at home, let them know.

Feel free to follow the above prompt as loosely or as directly as you like - a B-NOM and a parent, or more than one!

If your B-NOM has no lineage and no one you consider an adoptive parent/maternal figure, you can design a hypothetical Reaper or Sower to your B-NOM. (They won't be made official just by doing this, but if you wind up really loving the design, you can use a MYO/Custom and request the relation so long as both B-NOMs have no lineage)

Non-B-NOMS can be used as adoptive parents/maternal figures for this! Reapers do not have to be female, just maternal figures. Sowers do not have to be male, just paternal figures.

Breeding Ticket will only be granted once per month per person!


Reward Amount
Breeding Ticket: Feeling Lucky 1
Nskanetian Token - Silver 1