Pride Month Main Event!

Pride Month Main Event!

Category: Events

Get together, celebrate yourself and each other, be awesome!


Roy says:

So long as we're celebrating pride month, let's all get together and have some kind of party! Bring your friends, bring the people you love, bring yourself, and show some good vibes!

Requirement: Waist-up, Full color, OR 600+words.

Please depict your Chasm-Connected character with loved ones (romantic, platonic, familial, etc all okay - someone they enjoy being around) celebrating together! All Chasm-Connected species can be used for thisif they have some form of masterlist entry or reference - Rixixi, B-NOMALY, Aexent, Chasm Horseman - the sapient open species like Arakantis and O'urtn'x can be included as well if you have a clear reference, this is just to  make sure the character looks like themself!


First Entry:
1x Pride Blend, 1x Fond Memories: Sxriix, 1x Fond Memories: Nskanetis, 1x Fond Memories: Earth, 1x Fond Memories: B-NOMALY Labs, and a slot to Roy G Biv 0184!

Any Subsequent Entries:
A Fond Memories item of your choice - make sure to specify which one you want in the prompt's comment!

When submitting, please fill this form out:

Entry: [Link to the piece here, or put it in the submission URL!]
Character: [Link to import/masterlist entry/reference]
Do you want to be added to a group image with the other members who selected yes on this?: [Yes/No!]
An FAQ about the group image can be found at the Pride hub!


Reward Amount
Pride Blend 1
Fond Memories: Sxriix 1
Fond Memories: Earth 1
Fond Memories: Nskanetis 1
Fond Memories: B-NOMALY Labs 1