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Check HERE for full info on combat, but in summary:

Art Requirements

Combat rolls are fights between two or more Rixixi! This can be two or more of your own Ixi, your Ixi and another member's, or your (and possibly another member's) Ixi and a NPC (see Combat-Ready NPCs). Whether the Ixi are depicted sparring or fighting for sport as described above, or fighting in a serious, aggressive fight, they must be portrayed fighting or at least sizing each other up with intent to strike.

Combat images should meet the following requirements:

  • Full body (60% or more of the Ixi showing)
  • Color OR Greyscale, should clearly show the Ixi's markings either way.
  • Background - doesn't have to be extremely complex, but items and features of the background should be defined and clear. See Activities - Art Requirements FAQ for more details!

Combat literature should meet the following requirements:

  • 600+ words at least!
  • All Ixi being rolled should play a major role in the story - Rixixi showing up in passing cannot be rolled. NPCs have more lenience and can count for the NPC-Accompanied bonus (see How to Earn Experience Points) as a background character (such as someone watching, encouraging a combatant, or cheering the Ixi on) rather than a combatant themself.

For both types:

  • Up to four Rixixi can be rolled per image - other ixi can appear for Training Mode EXP, but will not be a major part of the battle, and will not return extra items!
  • Please only post 2 Combat entries per day maximum - this refers to art pieces rather than Rixixi. In the case of activity sheets, individual panels/parts count as individual art pieces!

Submitting Combat Pieces: Form

The Battle Mode should be the same between all forms for the same battle - if you're doing combat with another player, make sure to discuss it first! We won't reject a form that says "same battle mode as [the other player]" , even if you both submit the same message - we'll just ask what you meant.Additionally, if you're doing combat with another player, try to send it in at the same time - we can't roll a multiplayer combat if we don't have multiple prompts to comment on!

Combat Piece: (Link to your art piece here or in the Submission URL!)
(Link to your Rixixi/Mechanix)
Opponent: (List your opponent here!)
Equipment: (see "Equipment Restrictions & Levelups" in the how-to. List which of your Rixixi/Mechanix's equipment they're taking into this battle! If Omnipotent level, mark down "Omnipotent", you don't have to list everything.)
(Any items you're adding, any bonuses the Ixi has!)
Battle Mode:
(Fill out the form from the how-to here or just enter "Standard Mode" if you want that)


No rewards.