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Check HERE for full info on Exploring, but in summary:

Art Requirements

Exploring images should meet the following requirements:
  • Full body (60% or more of the Ixi showing)
  • Color OR Greyscale, should clearly show the Ixi's markings either way.
  • Background - doesn't have to be extremely complex, but items and features of the background should be defined and clear. See Art Requirements Info for more details!

Exploring literature should meet the following requirements:

  • 600+ words at least!
  • All Ixi being rolled should play a major role in the story - Rixixi showing up in passing cannot be rolled.
  • There should be some description of the location they are in, but it does not have to be the main focus of the story. Describing it in passing a bit is fine.

For both types:

  • Up to four Rixixi can be rolled per image - other ixi can appear for Training Mode EXP, but cannot be rolled to return items!
  • Make sure the chosen world is portrayed correctly! Requirements for how each world should be portrayed are listed on the Canon Worlds page! The requirements are fairly open-ended, it's more important to make sure to avoid things that can't be found in that world than to match something specific than can.
  • Please only post 2 Exploring entries per day maximum - this refers to art pieces rather than Rixixi. In the case of activity sheets, individual panels/parts count as individual art pieces!

Submitting Exploring Pieces: Form

Exploring piece: [Link to the piece here, or put it in the submission URL!]
Rixixi: [Link to the Ixi's import]
World Exploring: [Sxriix, Nskanetis, Earth, The Chasm, The Leyline, or The Couloir]
Bonuses: [Items, Skills, Companions, NPCs, etc]
OPTIONAL: Companion and NPC Bonuses: [List any items, skills, etc being applied to companions or NPCs accompanying your Ixi. Most items will state if they can be applied to anything other than the main Rixixi.]

One Ixi per submission, please! If multiple Ixi are pictured in the same piece, please separate them out to multiple submissions!


No rewards.