Fang's Fogshard Barter

Fang's Fogshard Barter

Go mining for your choice of one of the randomized rewards!


Fang says:

I know where a deposit of Fogshards are if you'd like to help me collect them - the ore, that is, not the mutation, but some of us with the mutation do shed naturally if you'd like to help a friend loosen a crystal that's about to fall off instead of taking a pickaxe to a rock. If you help me mine some, I'll trade you what you get for a charged 'shard. No reward if I find you've been takin' pickaxes to people, though, I swear. Stay outta trouble.

Waist-up, Full color, OR 600+words. Following prompt (mining for Fogshard Pieces or obtaining them in some other way)

4 Rixixi maximum per entry!

Please only make 2 entries per day maximum - this refers to art pieces rather than Rixixi. In the case of activity sheets, individual panels/parts count as individual art pieces!

85% chance of Charged Fogshard Piece - Chrono/Charged Fogshard Piece - Swap/Charged Fogshard Piece - Alchemy
15% chance of Supercharged Fogshard Piece - Chrono/Supercharged Fogshard Piece - Swap/Supercharged Fogshard Piece - Alchemy

Make sure to specify whether you want Chrono, Swap, or Alchemy as your reward!

Chronos are absent from the possible rewards due to being rolled manually.


Reward Amount
Fang's Fogshards - Swap 1
Fang's Fogshards - Alchemy 1