Mirror (nMir/MirMir) (Uncommon)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Reverses color requirements on a single marking of the designer's choice - if originally darker than base, the marking can be lighter, or vice versa.

  • Reverses color requirements on a single marking - if marking is originally listed as being "darker than base", Mirror can make it so it would instead be "lighter than base", or vice versa for "lighter than base" markings.
  • For markings that are locked to a single color, such as Daggerstabbed, this can reverse the color requirement to the opposite end of the spectrum - this does not have to be a literal inversion of color in your art program, the opposite end of the color wheel is fine (eg, blue/green for unmodified Daggerstabbed).
  • This can modify color-restricted elemental mutations as well, such as creating blue Magmatic, dark Vital, or desaturated Toxic! These can be modified even if a marking is already modified!
  • Mirror does not affect markings without clearly defined color rules, or markings with "lighter or darker than base coat" color rules, or any other base coat rules with no logical opposite. Unfortunately, as a result, a Rixixi with only markings such as those, or no markings at all, can only carry Mirror and not display it (unless they choose an elemental mutation that allows Mirror modification once they reach the needed level!)
  • Mirror can invert the color of teeth if the designer desires, and this does not use up the one marking use of Recessive Mirror.
  • Recessive Mirror can modify the color of one valid marking, while Dominant Mirror can modify the color of multiple - as many as the designer desires.


Rahkarrik 0036 by magmatixi
Rahkarrik showing Sable mirrored to light colors.

Winterlily 0044 by magmatixi
Winterlily showing Daggerstabbed mirrored to teal, and Vital mirrored to have a dark "glow" along their back.

Iceleaf 0078 by magmatixiZarsha 0069 by magmatixiMinali 0062 by magmatixi
Markings being affected by Mirror in order: Tan, Spectacled, Snowflake

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