Merle (nMer/MerMer) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Large, desaturated patches on the Rixixi's body, often containing dappled patches of the original base coat within.

  • Can be translucent to show the markings underneath! Markings dislaying on top of Merle can be desaturated or display normally.
  • Edges can be textured, soft, or blended. If blended, the entire marking should not be blended out and should still have a section that registers as a solid patch.
  • Must be more desaturated and/or lighter than the base coat.
  • Can be fullbody or covering partial sections of the body. Should contain holes in the marking or spots of the base coat.
  • Should appear, at minimum, on 30% of the design. Can appear in multiple patches.

Unlike in Earth dogs, there are no known health problems for Rixixi caused by homozygous Merle.
You can go against this if you like for your own personal characters' lore, this note is just here to let folks know that it won't result in negative effects and rad sicknesses when bred for.


Ruun 0316 by magmatixi


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