Tortoiseshell (nTrt/TrtTrt) (Rare)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Creates patches of color in a pattern similar to a tortie cat, patches can be any base color. Dominant Tortoiseshell patches can take on two different alternate base coat tones!

  • Tortie patterns do not have an edge hardness restriction, but are typically textured.
  • Dominant Tortoiseshell can have two different base colors included in Tortie patches instead of just one if the designer so chooses - both must still be picked from base coat swatches! Different colors should appear in different patches - multiple base colors should not appear in the same Tortie patch.
  • The patches can appear anywhere on the body and should not cover more than roughly 50% of the Ixi. It shouldn't mimic other markings!
  • Other markings can display above or below tortoiseshell.
  • If the markings appear above tortoiseshell, they can be color-shifted where they touch the patches - it must still follow the marking's color rules, however! With modifier markings like Glitter and Lunar, this can result in an entirely different modifier color being present on the patches than the color present on the main body.


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