Stained Glass (nSgl/SglSgl) (Rare)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
Modifies a marking by outlining it in black/off-black and breaking up the marking into geometric shapes. The shapes can be any color, regardless of original marking color, and separate shapes can be different colors. An optional glassy sheen can be present.

Can either modify a single marking to have Stained Glass patterns, OR
present as points with Stained Glass patterns. Dominant Stained Glass can modify multiple markings or modify marking(s) and create Glass Points.


Rixixi Points by magmatixiRixixi Primal Points by magmatixiRixixi Domestic Points by magmatixi
"Glass Points" Stained Glass has the same range as Points; if modifying a marking, it shares the range of the marking.
  • Stained Glass follows the range and edge texturing rules of the marking it modifies. It only modifies the color and the internal pattern of the marking.
  • The 'border' of Stained Glass should always be black or off-black unless modified by another modifier marking or mutation, but the 'glass' can be any colors.
  • Recessive Stained Glass (nSgl) can create Glass Points OR modify one marking. Dominant Stained Glass (SglSgl) can create Glass Points AND/OR modify any number of markings.
  • A glassy sheen can be present on top of the marking - this is optional.


Aurri 0208 by magmatixi
Modifying Skunk - Aurri does have dominant Stained Glass but a design choice was made to have it only affect one marking.

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