Procyonid (nPr/PrPr) (Uncommon)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
Streaks from eye to chin, rings around the tail, and "socks" on the arms and legs, all darker than base coat.


Rixixi Procyonid by magmatixiRixixi Primal Procyonid by magmatixiRixixi Domestic Procyonid by magmatixi

  • Procyonid has no limits on edge hardness.
  • Should be a darker shade of the base coat, or black.
  • Procyonid should visibly appear on each separate zone - limbs, tail, eyes, ears. Funerary Rixixi do not have the mandatory eye/ear range.
  • The tail must be striped.


Loyal 0004 by magmatixiEnneriix 0052 by magmatixiAlya 0048 by magmatixiHot Cocoa 0063 by magmatixiGalaxy 0042 by magmatixi


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