Gradient (nGr/GrGr) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

Allows the base coat to show as a gradient. Gradient must be between colors that exist on the assigned base coat's sliders. Dominant Gradient can alter markings as well.

  • Recessive Gradient appears only on the base coat, and should appear somewhere on the base coat - amount does not matter so long as it is visible.
  • Gradient can between any colors from either of the swatches from the Rixixi's associated base coat. For instance, if your Rixixi is Skyburn with Gradient, you are allowed to take the hot pink from the bottom swatch and the orange-red from the top swatch and blend them together! You can also go for a subtler gradient and choose colors on the sliders that are closer together.
  • Take care not to make Gradient too closely resemble pangare, sable, or other similar markings!
  • Recessive Gradient must be locked to the base coat, but Dominant Gradient can also alter markings to have a gradient in them, either using the Rixixi's base coat swatches for gradient colors, or basing the gradient colors off the marking color rules (such as 'lighter or darker than base coat' or 'any colors').


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