Flourish (nFlr/FlrFlr) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
Creates markings that specifically appear on the frills, spines, pawpads, and other similar areas of a Rixixi.


Rixixi Flourish by magmatixiRixixi Primal Flourish by magmatixi
Rixixi Domestic Flourish by magmatixi

  • Flourish can be any color, and may display up to two colors within the marking, which may be blended together.
  • It has no restriction on edge hardness.
  • Flourish has no minimum, but should be clearly visible on the Rixixi. It has no maximum, and can appear on any and all skin and 'extras' layers.
  • Flourish does allow for markings on teeth without cosmetics!
  • Flourish can present on all non-color mutations. Combination mutations that hybridize with color mutations and non-color mutations (such as Translucent) can be affected by Flourish. Fur Length mutations can show Flourish on the skin - for example, the entirety of Sphynx and the bald patches of Lykoi; however, Flourish cannot present on Long Fur.
  • Flourish can resemble any common or uncommon marking, and still follows its own color rules. It can also make unique combinations of existing markings - for instance, Laouto's hooves are a combination of Ripple and Ticked intended to look like grass and vines.


Laouto 0360 by magmatixiAezaia 0361 by magmatixi Nirl'hark'szsh 0413 by magmatixiReenkzi 0374 by magmatixi

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