Dapple (nDpl/DplDpl) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi

A cluster of pale, soft spots on the body, often shaped like stars.

  • Edges should be soft, and can be textured. They can be simple spots, or can be shaped more like 'stars'.
  • Must be lighter than the base color.
  • Can be fullbody or in clusters covering partial sections of the body.
  • At minimum, the marking should at least cover part of the torso, and can expand out from there.


Glider 0137 by magmatixi Snowfall 0394 by magmatixi Xia 0345 by magmatixi
Ever Dream 0328 by magmatixi Sedna 0365 by magmatixi Miss America 0165 by magmatixi


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