Look At This Stuff | Summer 2024

Look At This Stuff | Summer 2024

Category: Events

Summer 2024


Vae says:

Hey why is this beach covered in colorful rocks and polished glass? Do you think we can use them for decoration? Is that okay?

Search the beach for things that can make viable decoration! If your Rixixi isn't the crafting type, they can just invite people to the party like a regular Vae event! There's bound to be parties about that need guests! If you don't have a Rixixi yet, you can use any starter or NPC (Rixixi or otherwise)!

Requirement: At least waist-up, Full color, Simple background, OR 600+words, following prompt.

Reward: 1x of your choice of the following: Shimmerwing Cape, Summertime Fogbee, Conch Guard - Please list your preference in comments! - as well as Summer Pop x10 and Fond Memories: Nskanetis x1!

+1 Blue Raspberry Lemonade if decorating with found items.
+1 BG: Cach Torix if this is your first Event entry this Summer.


Reward Amount
Summer Pop 10
Fond Memories: Nskanetis 1