Beach Buns | Summer 2024

Beach Buns | Summer 2024

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Summer 2024


Alex says:

Since Chipper is here anyways, I figured I might as well come up with an activity here too. Why not search this beach for interesting treasures? I have some metal detectors if you're interested, or you could look for nice collectables like seashells. I do not personally have a supply of treasure maps but if you find one please let me know what you find, that's kind of the dream.

Draw your Ixi searching a beach for hidden treasure (or just cool seashells and rocks)! If you don't have a Rixixi yet, you can use any starter or NPC (Rixixi or otherwise)!

Requirement: At least waist-up, Full color, Simple background, OR 600+words, following prompt.

Reward: 1x of your choice of the following: Picnic Bandana, Coral Crown, or Beach Dust  - Please list your preference in comments! - as well as Summer Pop x10 and  Fond Memories: Earth x1!

+1 Blue Raspberry Lemonade for including Chipper, who is off doing Walks on the Beach
+1 BG: Cach Torix if this is your first Event entry this Summer.


Reward Amount
Summer Pop 10
Fond Memories: Earth 1